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Green Lanes Primary School

At Green Lanes we create caring and confident learners for life

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Home Page

Green Lanes Primary School

At Green Lanes we create caring and confident learners for life

Who's Who

Management / Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Ms M. Johnson - Headteacher

Mrs K. Roche - Deputy Head

Mrs A. Looney

Miss H. Bowman

Ms. K. Platt

Miss C. Bourne

Mrs K. Coulshed (maternity leave)

Miss C. Gibbins - Deputy Head (Maternity Leave)

Designated Safeguarding Persons

Ms M. Johnson

Miss C. Gibbins

Mrs M. Panter

Miss H. Bowman

Mrs E. Marshall  (maternity leave)

Mrs K. Platt

Mrs K. Roche

Miss C. Bourne

Mrs A. Looney

Mrs K. Coulshed (maternity leave)

Teaching Staff 18-19

Foundation Stage

Ms K. Platt - Matisse Class

Mrs S. Badger - Riley Class


Year 1

Mrs N. Walker-Smith - Year 1 Morris

Miss M. Jepson - Year 1 Turner


Year 2

Miss C. Bourne - Year 2 Rousseau

Mrs V. Humbles - Year 2 Mondrian


Year 3

Miss H. Bowman / Mr S. Brown - Year 3 Monet

Mrs C. Hoy - Year 3 Moore


Year 4

Miss H. Ellis - Year 4 Picasso

Mrs N. Cramphorn - Year 4 Van Gogh


Year 5

Mr J. Hoffman - Year 5 Hockney

Mr G. Lee - Year 5 Sanchez


Year 6

Mrs C. O'Connor - Year 6 Da Vinci

Mrs A. Looney - Year 6 Kandinsky

PPA Teaching Staff 18-19

Mrs J. Groenewald - FS and Year 1/2

Mrs M. Ankers - Year 1/2

Mrs J. Lee - Year 3/4

Mrs V. Penn - Year 3/4

Mrs H. Forbes - Year 6

Teaching Assistants 18-19

Foundation Stage

Mrs J. Elbourne

Miss L. Phillips

Mrs L. Long

Miss C. Thompson

Mrs M. Printer


Year 1

Mrs P. O'Brien / Miss A. Buchanan - Year 1 Morris Class

Mrs N. Breakwell - Year 1 Turner Class


Year 2

Mrs L. Seggie - Year 2 Mondrian Class (Lead TA)

Mrs J. Richards - Year 2 Rousseau


Year 3

Miss S. Gowing - Year 3 Monet

TBA - Year 3 Moore


Year 4

Mrs C. Porter - Year 4 Picasso

Miss F. Clark - Year 4 Van Gogh


Year 5

Mrs A. Holloway - Year 5 Hockney

Mrs L. Toms - Year 5 Sanchez


Year 6

Mrs J. Courtney - Year 6 Da Vinci

TBA - Year 6 Kandinsky

Cover Supervisors

Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1

Mrs L. Lacey

Mrs L. Seggie

Mrs J. Richards

Miss C. Thompson

Mrs J. Elbourne


Key Stage 2

Mrs T. Shephard 

Mrs L. Toms

Mrs A. Holloway

Mrs C. Porter

SEN  / Pastoral Team / Learning Support Assistants 18-19

Miss H. Bowman - SENCO Lead 

Mrs B. Hearnden - SENCO

Mrs E. Marshall - SENCO Lead (maternity leave)

Mrs M. Panter - Pastoral Lead

Mrs C. Wiedenstriet - LSA

Mrs H. Anderson - LSA (Speech & Language)

Mrs L. Patel - LSA
Miss A. Buchanan - LSA
Mrs L. Stevens - LSA

Mrs C. Garratt - LSA


School Office

Mrs K. Gale - Office Manager

Mrs T. Harcombe - Secretary

Mrs B. Chauhan - Secretary

Site Management

Mr D. Ondic - Caretaker

Mr D. Moore - Site Manager

Mr B. Knight - Minibus Driver


Mrs L. Toms

Midday Supervisors (MSA)

Mrs L. Toms (Lead KS2)

Mrs J. Courtney (Lead KS1)

Mrs D. Stewart

Miss T. Annette-Laing

Mrs C. Johnston

Mrs H. Anderson

Mrs F. Hussain

Mrs Z. Mitchell

Mrs J. Ullah

Mrs J. Tifrea

Mrs S. Islam

Mrs L. Stevens

Mrs J. Roberts

Miss N. Yeboah

Mrs M. Abdagire - casual

Mrs S. Nevzat - casual