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Green Lanes Primary School

At Green Lanes we create independent and resilient learners for life

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Green Lanes Primary School

At Green Lanes we create independent and resilient learners for life

Banksy: Inclusion/Pastoral


Welcome to Banksy

Our dedicated Inclusion & Pastoral Team


Click here to watch our video of Banksy



  • Who are we
  • What our parents and pupils say
  • Our aims
  • What we do
  • Pastoral support
  • APDR Assess Plan Do Review 
  • Links to parent courses 
  • Useful links


Who are we?

  • Miss A. Russell: Inclusion Lead and SENDCo (email:
  • Mrs M. Panter: Pastoral Lead & Herts Steps Tutor (email:
  • Mrs Patel: Inclusion Assistant and Herts Steps Tutor
  • Mrs Stevens: Inclusion Assistant
  • Miss Thompson: SpLD intervention
  • Mrs Toms: SpLD intervention
  • Mrs Little: SpLD intervention
  • Miss Toms: NESSie Support


What our parents and pupils say ...

" Banksy is for when you are sad, you talk and they make it better " ~ Year 3 Pupil 

" The Inco Team at Green Lanes have provided much needed support for both of my children and our family as a whole. They always listen and help in anyway they can but are never judgemental. The whole team are fantastic! The understand my children and I am constantly learning from them in ways to help adapt and cope with everyday life. The journey of seeking a diagnosis for your child is not an easy one but I feel so much more confident with the team " ~ Parent 

" I like it because you can have a break and feel better and the teachers make you feel happy and smile " ~ Year 6 Pupil


Our aims ... 

  • To support children in Green Lanes to feel safe, secure and happy
  • To provide an environment that enables children to explore their identity and develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and self confidence
  • To ensure that needs of all children are met and every child is given the tools they need to succeed. 
  • To promote independent learning behaviours 
  • To provide opportunities for children to achieve and succeed, enabling them to hold a positive view of themselves and those around them 
  • To enable children to develop emotional awareness, emotional understanding and the skills required for self-regulation
  • To enable children to develop positive relationships with their peers and adults 
  • To support the development of an accessible curriculum enabling children to develop their literacy, numeracy and SEMH skills
  • To help children feel fully involved in Green Lanes and enjoy being at school
  • To support communication between children, parents and school 
  • To work with other professionals to support staff, children and parents


What we do ...


(Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

  • Learning support referrals/interventions
  • Visual support 
  • Staff training 
  • Inter-agency working
  • Regulation support 
  • Sensory diet 
  • Emotional well-being support
  • EHCP and APDR completion and support with target setting
  • Supporting staff in scaffolding and supporting all children in accessing the curriculum


(Social and Emotional and Mental Health)

  • Referrals for Mental Health support 
  • Social skills groups 
  • Protective behaviours 
  • Check ins for children that need support 
  • Time to talk 
  • Art therapy 
  • Boxall profiling and support achieving outcomes


  • Social skills group 
  • Super skills 
  • Herts Steps staff training and support 
  • Positivity charts 
  • Target setting for children 
  • Regulation support 
  • Lunch club and space to calm down 
  • Emotional literacy work


  • Sensory circuits 
  • Referrals for sensory needs 
  • Physical development interventions
  • Fine and gross motor skills 
  • Staff support 

Working with parents and professionals

  • Half-termly sub review meetings 
  • Referrals and triages 
  • Courses for professionals and parents 
  • Work closely with Pastoral Support Lead 
  • Assist with referrals and forms 
  • Develop links and keep updated on training 
  • Catch ups to support parents emotionally


View our Special Educational Needs page here

Banksy Room

Family Worker 

At Green Lanes we provide pastoral care, not only to the child but the family as a whole. Our Family Worker, Mrs Panter is available to provide strategies and support in many different areas. 


  • Support with routines and consistency in the home and at school
  • Support around financial issues (including foodbank vouchers) 
  • Support with eating issues 
  • Anger / anxiety issues 
  • Family disputes or arguments 
  • Bereavement 
  • Signposting to other agencies, parent courses etc. 


Mrs Panter is available to speak to on 01707 262556 or by email (Monday to Thursday). 

Assess Plan Do Review (APDR)

EBSA - Emotionally Based School Avoidance

Parent Courses & Workshops  

There are a wide variety of parent courses run by external organisations. These courses can be found on the DSPL 5 website.

To browse courses available click Parent Courses and Workshops 


The National Sleep Helpline - Tel: 03303 530541

Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield Schools Partnership

Who are they and what do they do? Click on the link below to view their video! 

WGC & Hatfield Schools Partnership